Sr. Counterintelligence Support Specialist -- CENTCOM Mission

  • LIS Solutions
  • Iraq
  • 10/23/2018
Top Secret SSBI SCI Intelligence / CounterIntelligence

Job Description

Minimum – CISS required qualifications –

  • Education – Government CI credentialing course such as CI Special Agent Course (CISAC) OR other accredited DOD credentialing course PLUS
  • Experience – At least eight years of experience with former MOS 35L, 351L, 97B, 35E, 35M, 351L/M, 97E or civilian 1811/0132 badges and credentialed CI Agent or DoD Joint Service or other Service Equivalents such as 18F = SF INTEL NCO or 180A SF WO with ASOT-III, USAF 7XOS1 – Special Investigator (SI) 0211 Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Specialist


  • Clearance – Secret PLUS
  • Special skills or qualifications (all required)–

- Knowledge of Army/Joint CI procedures, doctrine, and practices

- Knowledge of basic CI analysis, data-mining, and DoD common intelligence systems

- Experience in working with and through interpreters

- Experience with interview and solicitation techniques

- Experience with CI principles and methods

- Experience in developing screening /interviewing/debriefing plans

- Proficient in briefing senior leadership at the O6 level

- Experience with the evaluation of information requiring further investigation

- Working knowledge of and/or Experience in supporting the CENTCOM AOR

- Experience supporting CI operations or acting in the capacity of / performing the mission of a CI agent

In addition to the above, the following are Highly Desired qualifications and/or experience that are NOT required

  • Education – Bachelor’s Degree

Deployed experience in the CENTCOM AOR