Report Writer/Editor (62)

  • Mission Essential
  • 02/26/2018

Job Description

Responsible for the preparation and editing of debriefings for senior officials. The Report/Writer Editor shall work independently, as directed by appropriate government personnel; applying understanding of DoD FORMICA and ISAF/USFOR-A Debriefing programs. This position requires excellent communication skills and note taking ability with understanding of Afghanistan and South West Asia. The Report/Writer Editor must have an active TS/SCI. Contractors may not conduct or directly participate in interrogations under any circumstances This position requires a minimum of 4 years experience in strategic debriefing or HUMINT collection operations combined with experience in conducting FORMICA debriefs. The contractor shall understand the DoD FORMICA program. This position requires former MOS 35M, USMC 0211 or 351M, 35F or other DoD service equivalent. This position requires Graduation from Strategic Debriefer Course (DSDC), Ft Huachuca or Joint Interrogation Certification Course (JICC), Ft Huachuca. Shall be familiar with IC IIRs, have field reporter number (FRN) and knowledge of HUMINT collection databases JBMissionEssential ICJBMeta