Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Training and Advisory Support (ITAS) (32)

  • Mission Essential
  • 02/26/2018

Job Description

Responsibilities • Provide Distributed Ground System training and advisory support. • Develop and execute a training program designed to support geospatial analysts, mission managers and mission planners in Distributed Common Ground System Four ISR system employment, EM, and end-to-end mission processes as requested. • Create, modify, and update training references to ensure they are relevant to current mission tasking as requested. • Develop training materials, to include handouts, training and lesson plans, and presentations as requested. • Ensure training material is organized, updated, and available to mission personnel for reference and study. • Provide expertise and guidance with respect to all training issues within the training office purview. • Maintain Concept of Operations/Operating Instructions (CONOPs/OIs) references IAW local and command directives. • Track all trainees and status of their training, providing notification of impending certification deadlines. • Create, maintain, and update training databases in support of mission qualifications. • Work closely with Standards and Evaluations Flight to ensure a comprehensive training and evaluation program is created • Conduct refresher, “over-the-shoulder” and formal training sessions in support of mission requirements. • Provide assistance to further unit participation in theater- and component-level exercises. • Conduct training to a level that ensures that all personnel are mission-qualified to sit a Distributed Ground System crew position. • Develop and maintain a continuity folder that includes, as a minimum, official duty processes, contact, and procedures as requested Provide continuity information to COR upon request. • Share experience/training information with other Distributed Ground System personnel. • Support 24/7 shift operations based on the 24 IS/DOO scheduler medium and high altitude requirements. • Provide dedicated crew complements to support the mission operations where shared support may not be possible. • Document all training efforts in individual training records immediately after each training session. • Document in training records secondary imagery products and accuracy of the products and recommendation for future training. • Upon completion of training, complete a student check ride, document the results and make a recommendation for evaluation. • Update the training records at the end of each training mission JBMissionEssential ICJBMeta