Arabic Linguist - Kuwait (111)

  • Mission Essential
  • 02/26/2018

Job Description

Candidates will perform all phases of collecting, interpreting, translating, and performing analysis of mission data. MINUMUM QUALIFICATIONS: The contract linguist shall be able to do the following: • Minimum proficiency ALTA Level 9 or 3 on the ILR Scale Target Language Arabic and English for Interpretation and Translation. • Produce idiomatic translations of non-technical material using correct syntax and speak (EN and target LIC) • Conduct consecutive and accurate translations of on-going conversations/activities (EN and Target LIC) • Familiar with local culture and customs and able to conduct themselves properly • Deal unobtrusively with the locals • Adhere to standards of conduct as prescribed by the USAF and host nation laws • May be required to live and work in harsh, desert environment to include living and working in temporary facilities (tents) • Function as a member of a team of highly trained professionals and responsible for safety and security of US Military and Civilian personnel and resources. • Potentially operate government owned vehicles Locations for work could be in any of the following locations: • Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait • Kuwait City Air Base, Kuwait • Al Jaber, Kuwait Preferred Qualifications • Arabic + Multiple Dialects to include the following: gulf, Yemeni, Levantine, Egyptian, Iraqi, etc • Overseas experience with substantive knowledge of various intelligence/information gathering operations • Minimum of SECRET Clearance to apply • In-depth knowledge of Middle Eastern or East African affairs, media, and cultural specific nuances • Ability to use critical thinking/analytic skills to process large amounts of information, detecting important factors and elements JBMissionEssential ICJBMeta