Linguist Opportunities - Worldwide (152)

  • Mission Essential
  • 02/26/2018

Job Description

Qualified candidates will be able to translate and perform consecutive interpretation between English and the source language/s. Interpretation may include individual meetings or conference-type settings; simultaneous interpretation skills are a plus, but not required. Work will be performed in a fast-paced environment and requires flexibility. Each linguist is expected to have expertise in a variety of topics ranging from technical to political and military vocabulary and an understanding of a variety of dialects/jargon is a plus. There is a range of types and locations of work worldwide and in the Northern Virginia area. Mission Essential is looking for qualified Linguist/Translators for the following languages for U.S. Citizens who hold Security Clearances with a variety of capabilities who speak one or more of the languages below Arabic (MSA) • Pashto • Chinese Mandarin • Russian • Farsi • Kurdish Kurmanji • Kurdish Sorani • Arabic + Kurdish Kurmanji • Arabic + Kurdish Sorani • Arabic + French • Arabic + Turkish • Dari • Pashto and Dari • Urdu Relevant Years of Experience: • Minimum of 3-5 years of recent and relative experience Education: • BA/BS required with many positions requiring some college in the area the language being processed for is spoken. Cores Skills for most positions: • Interpretation, Translation of Target Language to English, Translation of English into Target Language, Transcription of Target Language to English, and Transcription of English to Target Language Ancillary Skills for most positions: • Editing, Workflow, Quality Control, Summarizing/Gisting, Blogging, Collection, Content Management, Monitoring, Scanning, Triage, Writing Reports, and Workflow Areas of Expertise (not required for all but the more represented the better): • Counterproliferation, Counterterrorism, Cyber, Economics, Military, Narcotics, Religion and Science, and Sponsor Operations Security Clearance: • Preference is given to higher clearances. However, all candidates with any level of clearance, including those with no clearance but are U.S. Citizens and deemed eligible may be considered. Language Skills: • Candidates must be proficient at a level 3/3+ on the ILR or equivalent scale or higher as well as be able to pass an English comprehension test. • Excellent Target Language and English skills are an absolute must. • Successful candidates must be able to travel to Northern Virginia to take a Government Proctored Translation and Interpretation Language exam in order to be considered for this position JBMissionEssential ICJBMeta