Range Safety Officer (W121) (95623BR)

  • ManTech International
  • SAUDI ARABIA, Alkhamis
  • 02/26/2018

Job Description

SAUDI ARABIA, Alkhamis Full-Time Security Clearance: None Overview The Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) maintains the third largest fleet of F-15's in the world after the American and Japanese Air Forces. The RSAF are defending and protecting critical infrastructure locations and population centers of Saudi Arabia ensuring regional, and global stability for all of its allies including us. Incorporated into the RSAF is an elite group of "F-15 Maintainers" supporting flight operations, maintenance, and boasts an extensive system of training schools. A position in our group provides you the ability to be a part of a great team, gain international experience, and meaningfully contribute to global security. ManTech Mission & Solutions Group established itself as an industry leader in worldwide technology support providing support to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force as well as other key Department of Defense customers and we would like to consider YOU as part of our team. By applying to this opportunity you acknowledge that you have read the duties, qualifications, and requirements for the position and find that you qualify to be considered. Description & Responsibilities The employee will provide Air Traffic Control (ATC) procedures based on combat control / weapons release methods used by the RSAF during Fighter Aircraft training exercises at the fighter jet attack range. The employee daily completes Safety inspections of all range facilities, targets, ground/high obstacle observance, equipment, radio communications, and ATC equipment. The RSO is in charge of maintaining a safe and strict airspace for all aircraft conducting training exercises on the payload / gun range for the F-15 tactical fighter aircraft. The RSO constantly monitors two other ranges that are part of the range complex that support other fixed wing and helo operations and must keep the flow of aircraft precise as the RSAF outlines. The RSO will also control all aircraft entering / exiting the range, range attack queue, and payload deliver. The RSO will make sure that the aircraft and pilots comply with all range orders; adhere to minimum height/altitude as predetermined by the RSAF training squadron; ensure pilots are engaging the correct targets while using the correct attack procedures; and will ensure an overall safe operation of aircraft and payload delivery. Additionally the RSO will help the other range technicians and range scoring technicians in completing range opening and close procedures and may be asked to help with target placement, repair, or modification as needed. The RSO will also take part in the scoring of pilots and aircraft during training exercises which include facets as approach to target, release timing on target, target destruction/hit, safety concerns, etc. The RSO is in charge of liaising with local radar, flying wing and squadron operations personnel or command level staff to ensure and track progress in training sorties and reporting infringements. The RSO will conduct daily and real-time monitoring of weather conditions and make recommendations on how to proceed with all aircraft operations within the airspace. Overall the Range Safety Officer serves as the lead subject matter expert in Air Operations, Air Traffic Control, Tactical Air Control, Payload Delivery, and Safety. The RSO has the lead on determining the expulsion of aircraft/pilots from the airspace for safety infractions and serves as an advisor to the RSAF training squadron in all capacities dealing with training in attack, control, and sortie operation. Requirements • Preferred former fighter jet aircrew member from the United States Air Force • Mandatory JTAC, TACP, OR current / former F-15 or other fighter jet pilot experience • Has the ability and experience in supervising personnel as well as the potential to follow chain of command structure. • Must be able to pass an extensive and rigorous Safety Range Supervisor course provided by the RSAF once hired. • Experience in conducting pilot scoring, and payload delivery scoring. Must have experience in counseling military personnel and make recommendation's for remedial training or further action available. • Experience maintaining a log of all range events and incidents if any occur. • Experience maintaining diagrams of weapons delivery profiles, planned training schedules, and maintain all radio communications as needed. • Must be able to be assertive in nature if needing to close range, or wave off aircraft in the event of inclement weather, safety violation, or any other circumstance that would warrant this action. • Must be fluent in English; minimum English language proficiency is 75%. • Must be able to speak, read, and write in the English Language. • Must be a U.S. Citizen and able to meet deployment requirements. 05-06 years w/High School Diploma / See Job Duties and Responsibilities Must be a U.S. Citizen. 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