Information Technology Specialist

  • Talent Savant
  • Mechanicsburg, PA, USA
  • 04/13/2018
Top Secret SSBI SCI Engineering - Hardware / Software Entry Level Intelligence / CounterIntelligence IT / Telecom Science / Technology Development

Job Description

Seeking junior to mid-level candidate that will act as a first point of contact, to provide a range of services to all customers. 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Monitored weekly dump jobs on MMC, MMX, MSA, MQC, MSF, MSA (CICS’s & MUF’s as needed), MXP, MZO
  • Monitored daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly production cycles on MXP, MXT (Mainframe)
  • Monitored FOCUS Regions on MXT(Mainframe), making sure they are up & running
  • Handled/updating tickets in the ticket transfer que in ITSM/Remedy for tickets transferred to Mech App Support, then re-assign to proper group(s)
  • Monitored/handled WTOR on MXN(Mainframe) for the daily batch cycle to start
  • Replied to outstanding batch jobs waiting for IDMS’s (on Mainframes) to start on several systems
  • Monitored cycles (Mainframe & Server) for ‘Late Submissions’, contact respective Scheduler(s) to manipulate schedules as needed to get batch running
  • Monitored workflow with NetIQ/NOC/Formula for Mech Mainframes, handling messages as needed
  • Monitored multiple IOConcepts screens and consoles, for Mechanicsburg, respond to displayed messages as necessary, perform console checks for Master1, and Master2, manipulate console UCB’s as needed, to keep consoles running (1-28 consoles), monitoring IOConcepts Master1 and Master2 in Ogden
  • Monitored & handle batch ‘LOCKOUT’ conditions on MXJ(Mainframe)
  • Replied CONFIRM to job(s) on MSF to run at scheduled time
  • Handled outstanding on MSM to start ROSCOE
  • Performed NNPP tape swaps and monthly cleaning of tape drives
  • Monitor/handle DISCONNECT messages in Control-M GUI for the Mech Mainframes
  • Logged on Ogden’s 40 Mainframes to maintain active id’s, ~once a month/change passwords between 45-60 days
  • Logged on Mech’s 29 Mainframes to maintain active id’s, ~once a month/change passwords between 45-60 days
  • Maintained several other monitoring tool passwords in Mech to be able to perform other tasks as necessary
  • Monitored/Responded to NOC alerts, acted as needed
  • Reply CONFIRM on MQC to allow COOP DUMPS to run
  • Manually monitoring multiple systems for abends, the Control-m GUI is intermittent at this time
  • Monitored/Handled multiple jobs hung on MXL(Mainframe) waiting for reply for tape drives, replies made, jobs started running and ending good.
  • Monitoring GUI Alert screen, force multiple jobs off screen for MMC, MXL(Mainframe), after updating/closing tickets, emails received from customer requesting jobs be cleared, customer corrected errors.
  • Monitoring NOC alerts, investigating ALL Svcdumps, referring to applicable teams, then clearing alerts, if allowed
  • Updated Personal Info in new system – ESPS, as requested by Management
  • Handled a NOC alert for an SVCDUMP on MXT, dump was caused by an internal error in Production batch job
  • Handled several NOC alerts for SVCDUMPS on MXA, dumps were caused when ACF2 Security made updates to a table, then refreshed, updates were corrected, no errors since corrections made
  • Contacted 3rd Party Software to check out CAS9 Initialization Error messages on MXA(Mainframe) for CA-1(Tape)
  • Re-cycled Ioagate/Ctmas/Ctmcas on MXP, due to lost communications between MXP(Mainframe) & Control-m GUI
  • Updated CMIS Profile with new Supervisor’s name
  • Manually added SYSID back into IOConcepts thru system commands for MMC & MMX(Mainframes)Sent email to GSD for UID/Password reset/unlock on Ogden Mainframe – MSS
  • Varied 2 UCB’s (console addr) as consoles, from an online status in IOConcepts for 2 Mainframes, for monitoring.
  • Varied 13 UCB’s (console addr) as consoles, from an online status in IOConcepts for 13 Mainframes, for monitoring.
  • Handled abends on MMC and MMP (Mainframe). Some issues include expired password, hung job, and etc.

Security Clearance: Top Secret Clearance

Work: 3pm to 11pm, Monday through Friday (some flexibility).